Wall Tie Replacement & Damp Treatment, Belfast

Belfast, Co. Antrim, NI
Stronghold Preservation were requested to carry out a specialist damp and timber survey, and to check the condition of the cavity wall ties.

Further Information

Cavity Wall Ties

Several wall ties were checked; the ties were found to be discoloured with signs of rust, and covered with mortar droppings.  Mortar droppings on the wall ties can contribute to damp bridging the cavity; some damp patches were noted at high level internally. 

Rust causes expansion of the steel; this expansion of the wall ties in turn causes expansion of the bed joints, causing cracks in the walls, bulging walls, and in severe cases collapse of the brick wall.  Therefore, Stronghold Preservation recommended removal of the existing wall ties, and replacement with new stainless steel wall ties.


Damp was found at low level on the ground floor walls; attributable to either a defective damp proof course (DPC) or rubble bridging the cavity.  It was recommended that the cavities be inspected for rubble when works were being undertaken, and that a chemical injection DPC be installed.  A cementitious waterproofing compound was also applied to the base of the walls to prevent any damp penetrating below the line of the dpc.