Service Duct Leak Sealing

002 service duct damp leak sealing resin crack injection basement waterproofing dublin ireland belfast northern ireland NIA common, and often difficult, waterproofing problem is encountered where services are ducted into a building below ground level.  The problem is generated because admission of the services is essential for the operation of the building; however, this also often provides a route for the ingress of water.  The water often flows in through the middle of the service pipe, but also, by capillary action, along the outside of the service pipe.

To seal the leak in the service pipe, a choice of products may be injected into the service duct by one of Stronghold Preservation's trained operatives.  The product expands and adheres to the surface of the pipe, sealing the leak.  This seals the cable and pipeline penetrations permanently and instantly, providing a watertight and gastight seal with no plugs, connecting rings, and blocks or sealing rings.

Any water leaks on the outside of the service duct, entering via capillary action, requires a different approach; we would generally use a Resin Crack Injection method, though a thorough survey is required as each situation is different.