Resin Crack Injection Systems

001a lift pit tanking resin crack injection repair leak sealing bangor co down northern ireland NICracks, which are often only hairline, can appear in concrete walls, especially at basement / underground level, and can have quite serious and detrimental leaks and seepage.

Here at Stronghold Preservation, we use a resin injection repair system, to repair and seal deep cracks as thin as 0.1mm, to restore structural integrity and waterproofing.  It has been widely used in Europe, but is still relatively new in Ireland.

001 leak sealing resin crack injection basement waterproofing dublin ireland belfast northern ireland NINo two situations and circumstances are ever the same; therefore it is strongly recommended that a specialist waterproofing company like Stronghold Preservation is consulted to ensure the correct solution is applied.

Our trained operatives drill multiple holes either side of the crack / leak, in an attempt to drill into the crack (as it is impossible to know the shape, size and position of the crack once it disappears into the wall).  Packers are fitted into each hole, and resin is then injected into the crack in the concrete via the drill holes.  The operative can instantly see when the crack has been filled with resin, as the water stops flowing, and the resin begins to seep out.  This provides a permanent waterproof seal.004 lift pit tanking resin crack injection repair leak sealing concrete crack injection northern ireland NI p-r

Applications of Concrete Crack Injection

This waterproofing injection system and technology is an extremely versatile system.  It can be used to stop pressurised flowing water leaks; is suitable for use where it comes in contact with drinking water; has low flammability, and can be used for small and large cracks.

The resin injection repair system is highly adaptable, and can be applied for use in;

  • Leaking basements
  • Underground car parks
  • Waterproofing leaking lift pits
  • Waterproofing leaking tunnels
  • Structurally repairing bridges