Timber Resin Splice Repair System

001 Ballymoney removing wet dry wood rot antrim northern ireland NIA bonded timber repair splice is often the quickest method to repair in-situ timber beams, trusses and structural timbers. This method allows sections of reclaimed pitch pine to be fixed onto the existing truss or beam leaving a concealed, seamless joint.  

This system allows for a bonded repair of the new and existing timbers, using reinforcing bars and specialist adhesives, and is tested and approved by TRADA (Timber research and Development Association).  A piece of the existing timber can be fitted over the top of the rods to conceal the resin, giving a flawless aesthetic result.

When is Timber Resin Splice Used?002 timber splice beam wet dry wood rot co down northern ireland NI

When sections of structural timbers decay due to wet rot or dry rot; whether at the end of a beam, or mid-section, extensive opening-up of the surrounding finishes is usually required, in order to replace, plate or side-splice the rotten section. The removal of ceilings, floor boards and surrounding finishes to accommodate side-splices can be a costly experience. However, using a Timber Resin Splice System, can minimise the disturbance. It is still recommended that all the normal remedial inspection techniques are used to ensure that the full extent of wood rot, and the type of attack, has been fully established.

Advantages of the Timber-Resin Splice Method:003 timber splice beam wet dry wood rot co down northern ireland NI

  • Low intervention004 timber splice beam wet dry wood rot co down northern ireland NI
  • Aesthetically pleasing finish
  • No ugly bolts or steel plates visible
  • Little disturbance to existing building fabric
  • Reduction in overall cost of repair & restoration
  • Complimentary with traditional carpentry methods and skills
  • Supported by engineering calculations to current codes
  • Replacement of decayed timber with species matched timber.
  • The new joint can have a superior structural strength than the original timber.
  • It provides the aesthetic and practical benefits of the existing structure in terms of shape, appearance, & location.

Listed & Historic Buildings and Timber Repair

In the case of listed and historic buildings, ceilings are often decorative, and need to be carefully retained.  With the Timber Resin Splice System, the ceilings can often remain undisturbed.  Not only does this save the aesthetic integrity of the building, it also saves cost and time.  Using this timber resin repair system it is usually possible to lift only a few floorboards and to remove and replace the rotten ends of the timber joist or beam without damaging the ceiling. 

In heritage buildings with architectural feature timber trusses, this system is invaluable in maintaining the aesthetic quality and integrity of the trusses and building. 005 shakes cracks timber splice beam wet dry wood rot co down northern ireland NI

This system also;

  • Saves valuable timber
  • Reduces the amount of adjacent building works
  • Restores better than original stiffness and fire resistance
  • Provides a cosmetic result that can be as good as original
  • Supports the load in the original wall socket

Typical Applications of Timber Resin Splice System006 shakes cracks repairs timber splice beam wet dry wood rot co down northern ireland NI

Timber resin splice can generally be used to repair any structural timber; timber beams, trusses, engineered timber, timber joists and rafters, and is most useful where aesthetic integrity of the existing fabric is important, for example trusses in a vaulted ceiling (church, town hall, etc).