Wall Tie Replacement, Belfast

Belfast, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland
Stronghold Preservation were requested to carry out a survey on this house in Belfast, to identify the cause of damp, and to assess the condition of the existing cavity wall ties.

Further Information

Wall ties

A visual inspection of the wall ties was carried out by our surveyors in this house in Belfast.  The wall ties were visibly discoloured with signs of rust, and covered with mortar droppings.  Mortar on the wall ties can contribute to damp bridging the cavity wall, with damp appearing internally; indeed, damp patches at high level were found internally at high level, which could be attributed to damp penetrating via the wall ties.

The rusting and corrosion of the wall ties will cause expansion of the steel, which if left, will force the brick bed joints to lift.  Severe cases can cause cracks in the walls, and the outer leaf to lift at roof level.

Therefore, new stainless steel wall ties were inserted and the existing corroded and rusting wall ties removed by Stronghold Preservation.


In addition to the penetrating damp caused by the rusting wall ties, high levels of moisture was found at low level on the ground floor, indicating rising damp.  A chemical injection damp proof course (DPC), was installed to eradicate the rising damp problem.

Damp was also found on the chimney breasts.  It was found that the flues had been closed up.  Stronghold Preservation recommended that the chimneys be opened up, cleaned of all soot and debris, and ventilated, to prevent condensation forming in the flue.