Cavity Wall Replacement Ties

003 cavity wall tie failure replacement crack in wall masonry northern ireland NIWhen corrosion of wall ties has been identified, we will recommend wall tie replacement.  We have a range of systems and products suitable for various wall constructions; eg resin ties, helical self tapping, cintec socked anchors.  Our experienced surveyors will recommend the most appropriate solution.  Compared to taking down and re-building the cavity wall, wall tie replacement is:

  • Cost effective
  • Quick to install
  • Can be used in most cavity types
  • Creates minimum disturbance.
  • cavity wall tie failure replacement crack in walls masonry brick northern ireland NIIt is visually un-intrusive.
  • Installable in all weather conditions.

Self-Tapping Stainless Steel Wall Ties

The helical, stainless steel wall ties are quickly and easily installed; a hole is drilled and the wall tie is effectively screwed into the masonry wall, firmly holding the 2 skins of masonry together.  Once the new wall ties have been installed, the old wall ties must be removed to stop further bowing, bulging and brickwork cracking. This normally can be done entirely from the outside; our operator will cut out the brick beside the existing tie, remove the tie and then replace the existing brick.

Wall Tie Testing004 cavity wall tie failure replacement test check crack in wall belfast dublin northern ireland NI

At Stronghold Preservation, as part of our design and specification process, we may carry out a load test survey, to determine the minimum pull out load obtainable.  This data will then be used to inform our surveyors as to the optimum solution.

Cracks in Walls

Depending on the severity of the wall tie failure, and any associated cracks in walls, remedial work may be required to provide lateral restraint, or to repair any cracks in the walls, using a crack stitching or Cintec anchor method.

Wall Tie Replacement Guarantee

At Stronghold Preservation, we may provide an insurance backed guarantee for wall tie replacement.
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