Bird Guano Removal

bird dropping guano removal

Clearing up the outside of your building isn't pleasant at the best of times, and the cleaning up of bird droppings is among the worst of them. Small areas of wet pigeon droppings in external areas require no more than a brush, disinfectant and some elbow grease, as it is only well dried pigeon droppings that can cause health issues.

However, where the scale of the problem is beyond the capability of an individual, a specialist cleaning company would be the only option. Indeed, it is recommended as so by the Pigeon Control Resource Centre.  Once the scale of the pigeon guano problem is increased, or where the problem is mainly dried bird droppings, then the serious risk of disease is increased, and it becomes imperative that the correct personal protection equipment is worn to protect against dust particles and airborne fungus spores; equipment includes an approved respirator, one that covers your nose and mouth, sealed eye protection, gloves, as well as all areas of skin covered.  

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