Bird Proofing & Deterrence Systems

The first thing that we at Stronghold Preservation need to establish is the type of bird, and the nature of the problem, as a successful strategy is dependent on the type of bird.  Our experienced surveyors and technicians will need to design an appropriate system to ensure successful deterrence from your building.

Stronghold Preservation will carefully design and install the bird deterrent solution to ensure maximum deterrence, and where required, minimal interference and visibility. Individual designs will be required for each individual problem and building.  The following products are some of the more common ones that we use:

bird netting newry co down2Bird Netting  

Bird netting is one of the most common bird deterrence methods, due to its flexibility and versatility.  It is suitable for low to high pressure levels of pigeons, and suitable for a wide variety of structures and building types.  It is fairly inconspicuous and durable.  Bird netting is a humane deterrence to birds, simply frustrating the birds, by not allowing them to land.  A tensioned wire rope is fitted around the periphery, anchored using heavy duty fixings.  The net is then attached to the tensioned wire rope. All metal used is stainless steel, for longevity, and to prevent rusting and staining to the existing building


Birdwirebird wire cill

Bird Wire is a range of stainless steel products which are cost-effective, extremely versatile and totally humane bird deterrent systems for pigeons and gulls.  The products are fitted to areas prone to roosting and perching (eg window sills), to prevent the problem birds from landing.  They are suitable for light to medium pressure occupation of pigeons. 

Bird Spikes

Bird spikes are a series of stainles steel spikes mounted on a flexible polycarbonate base, which are designed to prevent birds landing and perching.  They are generally used on window sills, parapets, etc, where birds like to land.  
The system is flexible, making them suitable for all
surface types, regardless of surface.   

pigeon spikes portrush


This bird scarer is easiest described as an electric fence for birds.  A flexible copper track is glued onto areas of infestation (parapets, ledges etc).  The Avishock delivers a harmless but disconcerting shock to any birds that choose to land, ensuring that they choose to land elsewhere. It is suitable for low to high infestation, but not in areas where the public are likely to come into contact with it.  Visibility of the Avishock is almost nil: it is therefore suited to all building types especially listed and historic.

Which Bird Deterrent is Most Suitable?

It is vital that bird deterrent solutions are carefully designed by professional and knowledgeable technicians.  The system needs to be designed according to the bird type, position of infestation, building type and aesthetic.  We at Stronghold Preservation have been successfully eradicating bird infestation for many years, on many types of buildings, including listed and historical churches as well as shops and commercial buildings.

In addition to the deterrence of the birds, consideration must also be given to cleaning up the damage and droppings (pigeon guano) caused by the birds prior to installation of any bird deterrents.  Stronghold Preservation also provide the service of cleaning up the unwanted and hazardous bird droppings.