Insecticide Treatment (Woodworm)

Prior to any woodworm treatment being carried out, it is important to have a qualified and experienced surveyor inspect your property; a competent surveyor will be able to inform you if there is a live infestation of woodworm (The Common Furniture Beetle or Anobium Punctatum).  If indeed there is a live woodworm infestation, an insecticide solution is generally painted or sprayed onto the affected timbers by one of our trained operatives, in order to eradicate the woodworm problem.  

The insecticide solution has a low odour, and a quick drying time, allowing for a 1 hour re-entry time for the occupants.

The preservative is safe to use where bats are present. 

Where woodworm infestation is particularly severe, Boron preservatives may used, due to the boron solution's ability to penetrate deep into the timber.  However, it would be more common for us to use an insecticide treatment when dealing with a woodworm infestation.

We can offer an insurance backed guarantee for all remedial timber works carried out.