Pigeon & Bird Fouling

pigeon foul DerryPigeon droppings, in particular have been linked to disease, with more than 60 transmittable diseases and dangerous parasitic organisms having been found in bird foul.  Nevertheless pigeon droppings, or guano, pose little health risk to the general public as it lies undisturbed, but may cause smells and attract insects and it is certainly not aesthetically pleasing.  However, if the pigeon excrement is well dried, and contained within a fairly enclosed space such as a building, then the health risks increase. In this case, it is imperative that a specialist guano removal company, like Stronghold Preservation, is contacted.   

However, beyond the health risks, pigeon fouling can have a detrimental effect on your building, and its environment. 

      Unsightly effect on your building, creating staining, which requires cleaning

      Over time, fouling can block rainwater gutters etc, increasing your maintenance costs

      Accident risks: fouled steps and fire escape stairs can increase slip hazards.

Bird Droppings and Historic & Listed Buildings

Pigeons, beyond the obvious nuisance and unsightly droppings, can actually have a detrimental effect on heritage buildings, especially those constructed of limestone or calciferous sandstone.  These stones are particularly vulnerable to the acid and organisms contained in pigeon droppings (pigeon guano); the bird droppings actually cause irreversible damage to the fabric of the building, causing scarring and damaging the appearance.  The corrosive effects can continue for a long time, even after the guano has been removed.

Bird Control & Deterrence

Guano removal and bird control must be a two-tiered approach.  The pigeon guano, when in an enclosed space, must be removed by a specialist company, like Stronghold Preservation, due to the health risks involved; respirators, protective clothing and specialist cleaning equipment is required in order to reduce the health risks to those carrying out the removal, but also to the public.

Furthermore, removal of the pigeon droppings is futile unless the core problem of the birds perching and roosting is removed; bird control is therefore required.  We at Stronghold Preservation provide a design and installation service, designing a bird deterrence system to meet your needs.