Dry Rot, Derry

Shipquay St, Londonderry, NI
This 3 storey property in Londonderry city centre was affected by extensive dry rot. Stronghold Preservation were requested to carry out preservation treatments to address the dry rot, that became evident during a refurbishment and which had been caused by damp ingress via the roof.

Further Information

Dry Rot 

The wall plates, joist ends, hidden timber binders and truss ends that were embedded in the masonry, were found to be affected by dry rot. Dry rot fruiting bodies were observed also.  Wet rot was also found in timber plugs embedded in the masonry wall

Dry Rot Treatment

All timber observed to be affected with dry rot was removed.  A number of timber roof trusses and purlins were infected with dry rot at the bearing ends.  These timbers were repaired using a timber resin splice system.  'At risk' timbers were treated with a boron preservative to provide additional protection from a further outbreak of dry rot.  Masonry in the area of the dry rot was sterilised using a biocide treatment.


Evidence of an active woodworm infestation was found: all structural timbers in the roof, first and second floors were sprayed with a woodworm insecticide.